Sunday, June 24, 2007

Come Meet Dennis Kucinich

Yesterday there was a sudden knock on the door. When I answered I found a hippie dippy woman with a floppy hat. Before I knew it, she handed me a flyer to "Come and Meet Dennis Kucinich." I follow politics pretty closely (LA Times, Hardball, Countdown, NPR and even Drudge), so I know Kucininch doesn't have a chance in hell of winning, but here was an opportunity to meet a "legitimate candidate" for president and all I had to do was walk down the street.

The only hang-up was that I already had a "date" to go with my girlfriend to a raw food potluck. Because Marisol rocks (and she knows I'm a crazy person for politics!) she let me go to "Meet Kucinich."

So I packed my camera and a Vitamin Water, and I walked down the street in my beautiful Altadena neighborhood to "Meet Dennis." The event was scheduled to begin at 3pm, but I was a little late, maybe 3:10, so there was already a crowd. Nothing Obama-Like, maybe 100 hippy dippies (BTW most people would add me to that lot, and I'm totally cool with that!)

White folding chairs surrounded a natural stage that was under a mature orange tree. I made my way to the "back" of the backyard where I saw my old friend "Bird" sitting underneath a canopy. We've known each other since Walter Reed Junior High School in North Hollywood. "Bird" and I bump into each other every once in a while over the last 30 years. He's a really cool and trippy dude, who among other things, is part of a REALLY cool and trippy band called the Gluey Brothers. Anyway, "Bird" was there, so we talked for a few minutes before things got rolling.

Then a guy named "Neighbor Steve," who has organized protest rallies in "The Valley" since long before the war (which I used to attend, until we got "in the shit.") "Neighbor Steve" sang a few protest songs before My (New) Main Man Dennis, unassumingly made his way down the staircase from the house. When he took the stage, he thanked "Neighbor Steve" for the music. In that single, simple moment, I knew this guy was different. Dennis then took a moment to acknowledged the natural environment of the beautiful backyard, that even included a pond and stream in the far back. He spoke about peace and harmony with our world, about harnessing the natural power of the sun, the wind and the people.

Dennis Kucinich then went on to talk about the "oneness" of all people, universal health care and the importance of owning a home. He talked about corruption and how we should withdraw from Iraq (a point we don't agree, but I was with him in spirit.) Kucinich no longer wants to use "war as policy," instead he wants to find the peaceful solution. "A nation among nations, not a nation above nations."

The world Dennis Kucinich imagines, is one without any nuclear weapons for all countries including (and especially) the U.S. His radical message is filled with a down to earth presentation. You really get the feeling he is being "real." I was pleasantly surprised by his charisma and enthusiasm. At one point he stated, "We are the people we are waiting for," which for me was a "call to arms."

Dennis Kucinich won me over. Even though I know he won't win, he came to "my backyard" and talked about a lot of things I believe in, and he asked for my help. I have to ask myself, if I don't join his team, who will?

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