Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Podcasting 101" on KCBS with Tim Coyne & Lance Anderson

KCBS News segment on the fundamentals and history of podcasting, featuring Tim Coyne of The Hollywood Podcast and Lance Anderson of Verge of the Fringe. Reported by Tech Check's Rich DeMuro... Shot on April 14, 2008 by Tim Kimball of KCBS/KCAL at the Verge of LA Studio 101 at The Brewery Art Colony in Los Angeles, California.


Unknown said...



That was a great news piece--my only question, as someone who does not watch a lot of TV, is what happened to that really old grey haired anchor for channel 9? That guy was an LA landmark!

But seriously, this was an excellent introduction & you and Tim did a great job--being on TV without being embarrassed is rare & you guys did it!

Unknown said...

That turned out really great, very insightful and natural.

In regards to 'givens' question, Hal Fishman passed away this last year. I believe he might be the one you are speaking of?

David Jacobs said...

You guys were awesome. Good to see some love for podcasting and new media in the local media.

Russ Turley said...

Hey, that was Rich DeMurro formerly from CNET. I wondered what happened to him.

Great job Lance and Tim!

You LA Podcasters are excellent at getting press. How do you do it?

Seriously, come down to the OC and show us!