Monday, September 15, 2008

"Our Lucky Day"

As Marisol flipped through the air three times, time itself slowed down and she saw her life pass before her eyes as she said the Our Father prayer to herself.

The news reports said it was a "Major Injury Accident" on the 710, one of the worlds most dangerous freeways with all of the semi-trucks coming from the ports of L.A. and Long Beach.

When one of the firemen saw the damage to her overturned car and Marisol's nearly uninjured condition, he said "This is your lucky day, you should buy a lottery ticket."

On the ride home, Marisol said it was a miracle and maybe we should buy a lottery ticket, I said "We don't need to, we already won."

(Image shot with Marisol's camera phone. Click on image to enlarge.)


Dave said...

Wow. I'm so happy she's alright dude. Wow.

David Given Schwarm said...


I am very glad that she is all right.

I have no idea what you make for breakfast for someone the day after they almost die, but I am sure it involves lots of hugs.

You guys are very blessed & I am very glad that things turned out ok. To think, I woke up grumpy that my life had become to "routine"--this news turned that right around! Grateful juts to be alive is a very happy place to be!

You mentioned time stopping for her--this kind of strange eternal now state is something that you have spoken around in the past--I wonder if it is the same space generated by Art as it is with Fear?

Also, Marisol saying the Our Father surprised me--was she raised Catholic?

Thanks, David S