Monday, November 5, 2007

Top Image on Google for "Nautical Star Tattoo" (without quotes!)

I just discovered a bit of "Good News" on "the getting My Vibe out into the World Front." I "Googled" the term "Star Tattoo" (without quotes!) and my "self-portrait" came up as the second image.... Then I tried "Nautical Star Tattoo" (again without quotes!) it came up as the first image.

I have to tell you, it really took me by surprise. To think about all of the "Star Tattoo" images that are slapped all over the internet, and to rise above the clutter, even if only by chance. That is something (I don't know what!)

Then to be the top image for "Nautical Star Tattoo" feels like a real honor. Long before me, there have been many a "Drunken Sailor" who earned the star the "real" and "old school" way.

To all the "Sailors and Warriors" who have worn the Nautical Star now and into eternity.... During dark storms, in the dead of night, alone in the middle of the Sea. I salute you.