Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What Do You See?

File this one under Ripley's.

(View enlarged photo here)

On Halloween, Marisol and I presented our neighborhood with an "Organic Spooky House."

(Hear more hear)

Our place is an English Cottage (little on the inside) built in 1924. So in our minds, the place has a bit of an "energy" from those who have lived in our house before us, maybe even from the Roaring Twenties. So with that firmly in mind, we embraced the Twenties feel for our "Organic Spooky House" with dry ice and galvanized buckets. Yet it was the dolls in vintage style dresses "hanging" from our old Cedar, that really sealed the deal. It was super creepy....

So back to Ripley. That night, Marisol took a photo that captured a spooky image, a specter if you will, of a child in a vintage dress.... Personally, I see an actual woman holding her child. But Marisol swears that no one was in the frame when she shot the picture. I think in the chaos of that night, a woman holding her child slipped into the frame.

What do you see?

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